Ko2 helps companies to identify and integrate the most suitable technological solutions to optimize and innovate business processes.

Through the design, development and management of IT transformation and data through open source frameworks and tools to allow strategic, economic and innovation advantages in the IT process government.
Through an approach to development and organization according to the “agile” methodology, the focus is on quality, adaptability, self-organization and the concept of “Inspect and Adapt”.

The phases: Ko2 follows the companies in all phases of the project:
Requirements analysis
Functional analysis
Detail drawing
Development and testing
Roll out

Objective of Ko2 is to evolve application architectures and related services through the dynamic customization of services provided through:

  • Development of heterogeneous data processing solutions and architectures
  • Post-analysis solutions of customer behavioral dynamics and targeted predictive analysis
  • Evolution of management platforms for real-time monitoring and reconfiguration of services for the end customer

Ko2 supports business development in the main technological fields

Application Development
Development, evolution and testing of application solutions in the IT field, design and implementation of in-house mobile and web solutions with open source technologies.
Big Data & Analytics
Implementation of application solutions and data management: Big Data, MGMT Service Quality, MGMT Customer Experience.
IT Management Solutions
Asset Management, Licensing Management,Infrastructure Monitoring and Management, Security Management, BI solutions, Virtualization.
Mobile Solutions
Design and implementation of in-house mobile and APP solutions.
Open Source Solutions
Development of web applications, portals and management systems with open-source tools.