We are hiring passionate Junior Developers and Data Scientists

In KO2 we believe in you!
We are looking for highly talented and passionate Software Developers and data scientists to join our team. You’ll work with as passionate as you Senior Developers who love to invest their time to teach you.

In Agile we trust!
You’ll work on critical business projects in Agile manners, we don’t like excuses, we work together to find a solution, if you are in trouble ask for help.

You’ll be working on some cool projects using our cutting-edge technologies…
For some projects we just can’t use the “old, reliable and tested tool” so if you are the one who are constantly studying/experimenting cutting-edge technologies it’s a great point to you.

We trust in self-improvement and meritocracy
• Many growth opportunities within the KO2 partners.
• Cash and Stock rewards for every big achievement at the end of a project.
• We reward own-initiative and proactive developers.

Your Responsibilities
• Design, develop, debug, and modify software components in a continuously integrated and highly Service Oriented Architecture environment.
• Support development of documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance.
• Collaborate with and learn from all members of staff (not only the tech people).
• Working with remote development and operations teams.
• Discussing Technical solutions with peers and providing innovative new ideas to solutions.
• Learn as much as you can for your own, we love active developers always learning something new to share later with team.

About your background

Must Have
• Confirmed experience in one of these languages: Python, Golang, Rust, R, Java, C#
• Competency in working with relational databases, especially PostgreSQL 9.5 +
• Enormous needs to do better every time.
• Integrity and responsibility: sometimes you’ll work in your own apartment or in the customer’s office, it’s not good to check out your commits next day and find nothing.
• Obsession driven need to write meaningful comments on your code, we use English as main language to write comments.

Should Have
• Working experience developing and integrating with RESTful web services.
• Working experience in an Agile environment.
• Work comfortably with version control system (Git/Mercurial).
• Good interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills when working with both business and technical teams.

Could Have
• Test Driven and Behavior Driven Development practices.
• Working experience with Cloud technologies. Ability to speak and write fluently at least in English. Ability to speak and write fluently in one of the following languages: Spanish, Russian, Chinese Mandarin.


Full Name
Short presentation message
Attach your CV/resume in one of the following formats: PDF, DOC/DOCX
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